Houseboats in Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a wonderful land with panoramic view of countless flora and fauna. Situated as patches of land in the Vembanad Lake- the largest freshwater lake in the state of Kerala- this land revolves tourism round and round in its mind captivating and elegant houseboats. This place has a perfect combination of tropic climate and humidity that provides the best reason for tourists to visit the place throughout the year.

Kumarakom harbours wide variety of houseboats- houseboats that have won name for this land throughout the world. Tourism sails on the backwater of Vembanad Lake in these elegant houseboats. Nowadays houseboats are mainly used only for tourist, however, there are other houseboats known as Kettuvallam which are used by local people for transport, yachting and fishing.

Houseboats are old traditional boats which were retrieved and modified with modern equipments. Houseboats not only carry tourists but also bear the weight of the tradition, culture and heritage of the state. The long boats (some upto 80 metres) made by joining planks of jackfruit tree and amazingly without a single nail in it have served the purpose of both leisure for tourists as well as economic source for the local people. The boat that is not just boat but a floating house provides all facilities that you will like to have in a dream house of yours- well lighted and cozy rooms, relaxing bedrooms, well varnished bathrooms with high quality vinyl, a wide open space to view nature face to face, an open cafeteria, a long pathway, rooms with dining table and chairs, caring and supportive attendants and the endless beauty in front of eyes are some of the many notable things.

Apart from all these during the time of Onam( a festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu when he was in his Vahaman Avtar), we can find literally countless numbers of other elegant boats like Kochu-odi Vallam, Chundan Vallam(Snake Boat), Odi-Vallam, Churulan Vallam, etc taking part in the renowned boat race. This renowned boat race attracts even more number of domestic as well as foreign tourists during the month of August to September.

Thus houseboats of Kumarakom adds colour to the life of people of Kerala and also takes the culture of the state to lands far away from its physical reach. These elegant houseboats bring smile to the face of everyone- be it people within the country or people from land far away seeking refuge in the lap of the houseboats.